Look at this goblet. #wurstkuche

Look at this goblet. #wurstkuche

My dog still thinks she’s a parrot. She really, really isn’t.

My dog still thinks she’s a parrot. She really, really isn’t.






Do you think that we haven’t been trying hard enough?

This is what happens in rape culture. Men systematically rape women, and then come up with shit like nail polish to “protect women”.

Rape culture isn’t going to go away overnight. Obviously we need to primarily focus on changing male perceptions of women and their behavior. BUT telling men not to rape and helping women avoid rape are not mutually exclusive. We shouldn’t need this nail polish, it’s disgusting that it even exists because of our culture that we have allowed it to get worse and worse. Just because this polish won’t stop ALL rapes doesn’t mean this isn’t worth it to some people. We can’t wait for rape culture to magically end, it is going to take time. Millennia of the patriarchy’s influence can’t be untaught quickly. Real women are getting raped every day. And even though only a small percentage of rapes use the drugs this polish will detect, it is still a worthwhile tactic. This is a temporary tactic on the long, arduous road to ending rape culture. It is not a reinforcement that we are done, but it is a step in the right direction. 

I agree with the points the above posters are making to some extent. It’s insane that a drug-detecting nail polish even has to be a thing, and combating rape culture SHOULD be more important than anti-rape devices. Always, definitely, for sure. That being said, if this nail polish becomes mass marketed, I will buy it. 100%. 

No, it’s not going to prevent rape in all circumstances. Only combating rape culture can help with that. But in the meantime, while we strive for that, it will mean maybe I don’t have to bring my drink into the bathroom with me (ew, but yeah, I do it. I think most women do.), or try to find a friend I really really trust to WATCH my drink if I need to not physically stare at it for 12 seconds.

I am pretty darn sure someone slipped something in my drink at a party I went to several years ago. I remember drinking two beers and I’d just poured a glass of wine when someone knocked in to me and I spilled half of it all over my dress. I put down my cup to go change into a super long shirt one of the guys hosting the party lent me, and then I went back to drinking the cup of wine like an idiot. From there I all I remember from the rest of the evening is a very vague conversation about Chinese food. I am 100% sure I only had two beers before that point. There is no way I drank enough to black out. I have never had so much to drink that I don’t remember ANYTHING for hours on end. 

I made it home okay because I have really great friends. I know others who have similar stories and also made it home because their friends wouldn’t let them wander off alone. I have to assume as a result of this that the instance of drinks being drugged is much higher than the instance of it leading to rape. So no, this isn’t worse than nothing. I didn’t particularly enjoy being drugged, and the possibility that this will enable me to personally prevent that from happening again in a way that won’t require me to glue my glass to my hand is okay by me. 

And that’s really why I think the drug-detecting nail polish is cool. Terrible that it’s needed, but fuck yeah I’d purchase some. Leave your drink unattended for 30 seconds by accident? You will know for certain if it’s been tampered with. To me, that’s empowering. Ideally, this would not be a thing because it wouldn’t be an issue. But if it saves even one woman from being drugged, or worse, being raped, that’s enough for it to be worth it. We live in the real world. We all take precautions. Whether or not they really do anything is another debate entirely.

No one deserves to be raped. No one deserves to be drugged. Trying to take precautions doesn’t make you weak or a victim-blamer or anything like that. The idea that we’re all supposed to be insulted and angry about something that just maybe might possibly protect us from something terrible just doesn’t seem right to me. 



Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, 2014-08-26, “Race/Off” [alternate link here]

Jon was FINALLY back last night, and hit it out of the freakin park with this Ferguson segment.

Happy National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day!

I am literally a ball of rage right now. If your “satire” is offending the very people you’re apparently “advocating for,” you’re probably doing it wrong.

Gonna go buy some lunch and eat it violently. 


If a large group of women are saying something is sexist and offensive and you insist they are missing the point and it’s satire, YOU ARE IGNORING OUR ACTUAL EXPERIENCES WITH SEXISM. THIS IS MANSPLAINING. LISTEN WHEN WOMEN SPEAK ABOUT SEXISM. HOLY FUCK. AGH.



What are legs?

What are legs?


Last night vs. tonight.